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This endpoint provides a temporary signed URL for downloading a blob (Binary Large Object) associated with the specified key. The file must be marked as publicly accessible. You can check the accessibility in the admin dashboard.



GET /public/file/:key

Path Parameters

  • key (String): The unique identifier for the blob you wish to access.

Query Parameters

  • accessKey (String): A string that acts as an authentication token for accessing the blob.


Success Response

Status Code: 200 OK

Response Body:

"message": "ok",
"url": "signed_url_here",
"uuid": "key_here"


  • message: A string indicating the status of the operation. Returns ok if successful.
  • url: The temporary signed URL for downloading the blob.
  • uuid: The key of the blob.

Error Response

Missing accessKey

Status Code: 400 Bad Request

Response Body:

"message": "missing accessKey"

Blob key Not Found

Status Code: 404 Not Found

Response Body:

"message": "key key_here not found"

Internal Server Error

Status Code: 500 Internal Server Error

Response Body:

"message": "internal error, error message: error_description_here"



GET /public/file/some_unique_key?accessKey=some_access_key

Successful Response:

"message": "ok",
"url": "",
"uuid": "some_unique_key"


  • The signed URL expires in 30 minutes after it has been generated.
  • The blob identified by key must be publicly accessible and mapped to the given accessKey to generate a signed URL.